Have you ever found that your windshield gets dirty often? Your car’s windshield can gather dust, bug splats, stains, and other kinds of dirt. A dirty windshield can seriously affect your driving, so you should clean your windshield often if you want to drive more safely. A dirty windshield can also make your car look really unattractive. If you want to have a great driving experience, then you will want to keep your windshield clean. After all, you do not have to get a windshield replacement, just because you did not clean it.

  1. Avoid cleaning your windshield on a hot day

If you are washing your car’s windshield avoid doing it in direct sunlight. You should move your car underneath shade and wait for the auto glass to cool. This is because if a windshield is too hot, imagesit can make the glass cleaner or water evaporate faster. This will make it harder to clean the glass because you will have to keep on reapplying the glass cleaner and soap.

  1. A newspaper is a great cleaning tool

A newspaper sheet is a great and cheap way to clean your car. If you have any newspapers lying around, you should take one page out of each sheet and use that to clean your windshield. Using a newspaper is a cheap way to get a cleaning material for your windshield, and it is a very environmentally friend too because you are reusing your old newspaper.

  1. Do not forget to clean the wipers

Your windshield wipers can collect a lot of dirt, and the dirt sticking to it can make your windshield stained. So you should also clean your windshield wipers regularly. To clean your windshield wipers, raise them up, and run a cloth, which is wet with detergent, across the wiper. You should keep doing this until all of the dirt off your windshield wiper is clean.

  1. Roll down your windows to clean them faster

If you own a tall car, you can roll down the windows to clean it easier. Rolling down the windows makes it easier to reach the top portion of the window’s glass, so you do not have to keep on straining to reach the top.

  1. Use only water, mild soap, or glass cleaner to clean your auto glass

images-3You should only use mild soap, water, or special car glass cleaners on your windshield and car windows. If you use a harsh chemical cleaner, it could remove the protective layer of coating on your auto glass.

  1. Stick with using one cloth of each car glass section

Use only a single washcloth for each section of the car glass you are cleaning. This will help prevent the spread of other dirt from other parts of your car, making it easier to clean your windshield and windows.

  1. Avoid products that contain ammonia

Cleaning products that contain ammonia will damage your auto glass, so it is best to stay away from them. This is because ammonia can dry out the rubber on your car’s doors and also damage your window’s tint too.

As a car owner, you should regularly clean your windshield, in order for your car to be the top shape. Your car’s windshield is your primary shield against the outside world when you are driving. The windshield is also the only part of your car that lets you view the road outside. So it is very important to keep your windshield clean at all times. If you want to do that, you should follow these tips. Whatever kind of stain or dirt that you have on your own windshield, you can clean it off using what you have learned from this post.